Join LALEY Today !

Join LALEY Today !

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Qualification Schedule

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2018 General Membership Meeting and Scholarship Awards Dinner

Join us for our general membership meeting, we will be announcing the winners of this years Scholarship Awards.  Dinner will be served from 5pm-7pm.  If on duty, please obtain permission from your immediate supervisor.  If you are off duty, please come join us for some good information and dinner.

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La Ley will be hosting a Detective Seminar on May 10, 2018. Please rev. Sponsored by La Ley and is available for anyone. Please RSVP to:

Exam Preparation

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LALEY supports Celina Robles for LAPRAAC Board Director!

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LALEY General Meeting and Dinner

Join us for our General Meeting and free dinner.

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Detective Written Exam Seminar

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LA LEY Summer Social” General Membership Meeting

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Low Cost Internet!

Great opportunity for low cost internet!

Please share with your organizations & Community Partners

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2015 LA LEY Youth Scholarship Contest

LA LEY Youth Scholarship Contest

First Place one time award of $1, 500

Second Place one time award of $1,000

Third place one time award of $500



2015 LA LEY Essay Topic 

“What does it mean to have an LAPD Officer as a Parent/Grandparent”



  • This scholarship is available to any child, grandchild, stepchild, step-grandchild of LA LEY Members
  • (LA LEY Member must be a LA LEY member in good standing for one year as of April 1st).
  • Applicant must be a High School Senior.
  • Must be a Full Time Student.
  • Must complete the LA LEY Youth Scholarship Application.
  • Applicants must have a Good Understanding of the “Latin American Law Enforcement Association”
  • Applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (Official School Transcript to verify GPA)


Judging Criteria:   Applicants will be judged on four sections (Max 25 points each)

A: Academics       B. Leadership            C. Community Service          D. Essay.

Overview of the LA LEY Youth Scholarship Contest.


Eligible Applicant must submit a LA LEY Scholarship Application along with the Essay.

Applications and Essays will be reviewed by the LA LEY Executive Board.

Applicants will be interviewed by the LA LEY Executive Board.

The LA LEY Executive Board will select the three winners.

The winners will appear at a LA LEY Event to receive their Awards.

Administrative Notes


In the event of a tie, the LA LEY board will determine any needed tie breaker criteria.

LA LEY Board Members related to any Applicant will be excluded from participating in the scholarship selection process.

All applicants will be interviewed in person.

Awards will be presented to the winners at a LA LEY event.

Essay is minimum 400 words and 500 words maximum

Recommendation letter must be from teacher or counselor not a relative.

Please mail application’s to: LALEY Scholarship  14545 Victory Blvd, #-400   Van Nuys, CA 91405

You can also e-mail application to:

Click here for the LA LEY Scholarship Application

Application must be submitted by May 15, 2015

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Executive Master of Leadership

The Executive Master of Leadership (EML) program is uniquely tailored to working professionals who are looking to earn their degree as they continue to progress in their career.

The EML program was developed as a 21st century degree that addresses emerging leadership challenges across the public sector, nonprofit organizations, and private industry. It is specifically designed for executives who have demonstrated leadership capabilities and who want to take their skills to the next level by making lasting contributions in their field, organization, or community.

The program structure offers participants insight into the mechanisms that facilitate effective personal and organizational networks, as well as collaborative problem solving strategies and practices. EML follows a cohort model whereby students enroll in the four required core courses together as a single learning unit or group and build on each other experiences through a degree curriculum that has three distinguishing features:

  • Transformational leadership that connects the public, private, and nonprofit sectors;
  • An interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary problem-solving approach;
  • A design to connect ethics with leadership through core values.

The EML degree emphasizes action-based learning through role playing, self-assessment inventories, game simulations, case studies, in-class exercises and discussions with guest lecturers and with each other that concentrate on the application of leadership objectives that:

  • Examine leadership practices, identify effective influence techniques and motivational methods, and develop reliable communication strategies
  • Increase negotiation competencies and improve conflict management capabilities by moving away from zero-sum approaches
  • Create an understanding of strategic analysis and performance measurement
  • Develop principles and techniques for enhancing organizational learning
  • Assess and evaluate organizational structures and networks
  • Discover mechanisms to connect organizations to their environments
  • Obtain insight and perspective on ethical and legal responsibility, advocacy, and authentic community and stakeholder engagement
  • Examine methods and approaches that political, business, civic, and organizational leaders use to transform their communities, cities and/or regions

Through reflective journals and interactive core class discussions, students are continually exposed to the practice of synthesizing what they have learned and providing feedback on what changes they are making in the course of their leadership journey. The program incorporates long-standing faculty and senior staff experience in designing and delivering leadership and management development programs with leaders over the past thirty-five years. Faculty and guest presenters include innovative thinkers, policymakers, and practitioners who have extensive knowledge in the field as a result of their experience in both the academic and professional settings.

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